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Archive for the ‘instruction’ Category

Tech Tools for Time Management

Posted by magnethart on November 12, 2010

235/365 Hair pulling stress

As an Instructional Technology Specialist for Young Middle Magnet School of Math, Science and Technology, I find myself pulled in many different directions with many different responsibilities.  I used to be the person with a myriad of post-it notes covering my desk full of tasks that needed to be done or notes about projects I was working on.  Over the last few years, web technology has improved drastically and along with it came some very handy tools that I find help me stay organized and keep on top of all of my projects.  I picked my top four tools (Google Calendar, Google Tasks, FirstClass Technology Conference, and Klok 2) to feature in a Prezi titled Tech Tools for Time Management.  If you have any you recommend, add them to the Google Doc linked after the Prezi.

Have some tools that you use?  Add them to the Google Doc here.

I was really hoping to embed my Prezi into my blog but WordPress does not allow the embedding of free-range Flash content.

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Innovation in Magnet Schools

Posted by magnethart on November 9, 2010

In an interview with Dr. Tom King (@ProfTK), Shelly Terrell (@ShellTerrell) focused on what defines and innovative school.  The school used as an example is The Saturn School of Tommorrow, a Magnet School in existance from 1989 – 2003.  Shelly summarizes what innovation looks like in 8 points based on The Saturn School in her blog, Teacher Reboot Camp.

How did the Saturn school differ from the norm?

  • was a magnet school serving students in grades 4 – 8, many at risk, and parents could choose to send their children there instead of the local public school
  • noted for its innovative uses with technology at a time technology not as highly developed
  • visited by the current president at the time, President George Bush Sr., who spoke with the children
  • used local resources such as the public library, the science and art museums, state and local government
  • established mentorships and apprenticeships with businesses and agencies
  • had differentiated staffing: a lead teacher, associate teachers for curriculum, generalist teachers, intern teachers
  • had a longer school year, ungraded, no report cards or textbooks, instead had student portfolios
  • had a school council of staff, parents and students

                                                 From What Does the Innovative School Look Like? Interview with Dr. Tom King

After reading these eight points, I am glad to see that Magnet Schools and even the district as a whole in Hillsborough County strive to meet several of these.  Now, my question would be whether or not innovative practices from 1989 still count as innovative practices in 2010.  True, some innovations practices never change.  Innovative uses of technology will always be innovative, but are different staffing methods such as the use of resource and lead teachers still innovative?  Maybe I’m biased because I have been involved with magnet schools throughout my whole education career.  Things that I take for granted are may be seen as innovative practices by others.

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Technology Integration Matrix

Posted by magnethart on July 31, 2010

Students at Lee Magnet Elementary use laptops during their learning time

This is a great resource to measure how well you are integrating technology into your classroom or at your school site.  Also has supporting videos.  This was developed by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology (sounds like a place I need to look into a little more) out of the University of South Florida.

Check out the link for more information and to view the matrix.

Technology Integration Matrix

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